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Now. Now. Now. Don’t get your panties up in twists just yet. Give this a chance now, will ya?

I am making this public *gasp* post (I am making a post! *gasp*) for the benefit of those who are just starting to navigate this fandom called Arashi (and maybe others as well).

 I am not going to make a rant post. Maybe just a little rant. For some, this post might be confusing. But for those who made it to this post because they typed “Arashi”, “English subs” or something in Google, well, you know why you are here.

Especially for new fans, navigating through the fandom can be very hard and scary. The first time I’ve heard of LJ was when I first got into Arashi, and to think that LJ has been around longer than Facebook. Well, there’s always a first time for everything.

So you’re a new fan! Yay! Great! You google “Arashi” and there are a lot of hits. You go to Wikipedia, Youtube and some posts in Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook or Livejournal. And dang it! You have no access! Locked to members only! WTF*ing hell does that mean!? Arggghh!!! Okay move on to the other links.

And you also see some interesting blogs. You click. And it leads you to a link. The link leads you to a video streaming. But before it gets you to the video, there is a pop-up saying “” which runs for a few seconds and then you get to the Arashi subbed video. Yay! You get to watch these amazing five men do their thing in variety shows and concerts and guestings and dramas and movies and everything! Yay! Not really…

Chances are, these sites with “” attached to them are blogs which posts links to videos that they did not sub, but were subbed by a community here in LJ, for FREE, for the love of Arashi and for the love of the fandom. These communities dedicated their time, effort and resources, for FREE, for the benefit of those who can’t understand the language. And then some blogger/s out there decided to make money out of it – the subbed videos other people actually worked on. They are basically stealing.

Putting aside all the other implications of uploading subbed videos (message me if you’re not sure what I mean), that is just wrong. Other people worked on those videos and by posting them without due credit (and making money out of something that was intended to be FREE), they are being basically thieves.

So if you are new in this whole Arashi fandom thing, or in LJ, or don’t even know what communities are, or what the hell I was ranting about, or want to know how to get started on being members on some of the Arashi communities here on LJ, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO ASK. There are a lot of fans out there who would be really willing to help you go through it. Being new at all these and having the feeling that you are alone in it is pretty normal. At some point, other fans also went through it. (message me)

You can get started by joining arashi_on here on LJ. You just click join and that’s it.  They don’t upload videos or scans, if that is what you are asking. But communities and individuals who do post those stuff also post in arashi_on to promote. So you can start from there. Maybe you can also join this and this. (wink). Other communities have certain requirements before they will accept your application as member of the community. Please respect their requirements. They have their reasons for being strict. They don't do it just out of whim.

But I think what is basic in all these communities (as well as in real life) is that the members respect the rules, the other members and the moderators of that community. Respect is appreciated anywhere.

And if you have time, you can try navigating through the inactive communities. They usually have public posts which can give you a hint on the journey of that community. "Why are they inactive now? Why all the strictness in their membership process? Purged? What happened a few years back about mega? Huh?" You can see their story through some of those posts. Mind you, a lot of communities started out having their subs classified as “public” with the simple request of “no selling, no re-uploading, no streaming, no making money out of the subs, no claiming subs as your own”. Pretty simple right? But a lot of rule breakers appeared and they had no choice but to lock those posts to members only and create a way to filter through those who want to join the communities. These communities had to find a way to protect themselves. (ask me why they had to protect themselves)

I am in no way a veteran in this fandom. I am new as well. And I also had to navigate things before I finally got the hang of it. It takes time and patience. Please be patient. Eventually, you will encounter great people from different parts of the world who share the same love and passion as you.

See ya around.

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