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Now. Now. Now. Don’t get your panties up in twists just yet. Give this a chance now, will ya?

I am making this public *gasp* post (I am making a post! *gasp*) for the benefit of those who are just starting to navigate this fandom called Arashi (and maybe others as well).

 I am not going to make a rant post. Maybe just a little rant. For some, this post might be confusing. But for those who made it to this post because they typed “Arashi”, “English subs” or something in Google, well, you know why you are here.

Especially for new fans, navigating through the fandom can be very hard and scary. The first time I’ve heard of LJ was when I first got into Arashi, and to think that LJ has been around longer than Facebook. Well, there’s always a first time for everything.
Click me! Click me! Promise it's safe. )
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I need to ramble because I’m panicking. I tend to procrastinate when I’m panicking. A horrible trait, really, but I’ve learned to live with it for more than two decades. I have a very important, life-deciding exam in like 32 hours (and counting) and I am here….writing this.
Please be open minded about this. Thank you. You've been warned. )
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It's Nino's birthday in a few hours! Happy birthday oh bratty, talented, precious one!
Here's to starting a wonderful day!

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